Elective Course Ranking Survey


We are collecting information regarding the electives we offer in order to provide the best courses possible for our students.  Parents, can you please have your child complete the survey by clicking on the link below by Monday, April 24th.  Please make sure they include their first & last name.  Just a note that this is not course selections.  We are just collecting information to prepare for course selections.

Thank you!

Elective Course Ranking Survey

John Westhaver presentation

Yesterday on April 4th, the grade 10 and 11 students from our school got the opportunity to speak to John Westhaver and have him tell his story about the brutal car crash he was in, which resulted in the death of 3 of his good friends.

In April 1994 John was in the passenger seat of his friend’s car. Although the designated driver was completely sober he was speeding to get home and was driving at 125 miles per hour in a 60 zone, and came across a corner and didn’t stop in time. The car went flying forward and crashed into a telephone pole where the car had caught on fire. Luckily John managed to escape the car but his friends were not as lucky. The driver had been ejected out of the car before hand and his two friends were left in the backseat unable to escape. Luckily paramedics rushed to the scene and managed to get John to safety but by no means was his journey in the hospital easy. He was covered in bandages for months and died three times undergoing his surgery, but luckily ended up surviving.

During his presentation all the students listened carefully as it definitely impacted us to hear his story. John goes on today traveling across British Columbia (on behalf of ICBC’s program to improve road safety) hoping to inform students how not to have the same problems he did.

Jam Can Curling

Just a reminder that the elementary classes will have Jam Can Curling this Monday when we return to school from Spring Break.  The concession will not be open, so students need to bring a lunch (preferably not something that requires a microwave). Also students will need to have their (clean) indoor shoes.  Thanks!

Science World Visits Hudson’s Hope School

On Tuesday February 28th Science World came and visited Hudson’s Hope School all the way from Vancouver. They demonstrated in an appealing as well as an eye catching manner to teach and show how forces work.

From using air and water to shoot a plastic bottle high in the air to helping a chicken fly through the air using the force of a catapult, it was a great opportunity to have them visit our school.

By Heather

Student vs Staff Volleyball

Monday, students got the chance to play a volleyball game against the teachers.

Students from the school were invited to watch the game. They got to see everyone warm up before playing. They teams played their very hardest…some may have fallen in the process, but it was an excellent opportunity to witness the connection between the school staff and the students.

The teachers won the game against both teams, the juniors and seniors. But it really didn’t matter because that activity was all about fun for the whole school.


by Jared

CO2 Car Craziness!

Yesterday, high school students got the chance to help elementary kids race their wooden C02 cars. The elementary students made the cars with the help of their big buddies in the Shop class. While the big buddies did most of the work with the power tools, the elementary students got to drill the holes in the car and sand the car down.

The goal of this activity was to build trust between the younger kids and the older kids, to make sure the kids weren’t scared to be around/work with the higher grades in the school. An important part of our school is building relationships between older and younger students.

The kids looked like they were having fun and the older kids enjoyed it too as well. It was a great activity set up to bring bring the school together and make the students more connected.

by Jared