Student vs Staff Volleyball

Monday, students got the chance to play a volleyball game against the teachers.

Students from the school were invited to watch the game. They got to see everyone warm up before playing. They teams played their very hardest…some may have fallen in the process, but it was an excellent opportunity to witness the connection between the school staff and the students.

The teachers won the game against both teams, the juniors and seniors. But it really didn’t matter because that activity was all about fun for the whole school.


by Jared

CO2 Car Craziness!

Yesterday, high school students got the chance to help elementary kids race their wooden C02 cars. The elementary students made the cars with the help of their big buddies in the Shop class. While the big buddies did most of the work with the power tools, the elementary students got to drill the holes in the car and sand the car down.

The goal of this activity was to build trust between the younger kids and the older kids, to make sure the kids weren’t scared to be around/work with the higher grades in the school. An important part of our school is building relationships between older and younger students.

The kids looked like they were having fun and the older kids enjoyed it too as well. It was a great activity set up to bring bring the school together and make the students more connected.

by Jared

Natural Horsemanship Field Trip

Yesterday, students from Hudson’s Hope School got a chance to go to the Glenn Stewart’s horse ranch in Baldonnel. Here, the students got a tour of Glenn’s arena and got to meet some of the horses.


Glenn gave the students a demonstration on how he works with his horses. He showed the students all of the stage one groundwork, which is all about developing a connection with your horse before you get in the saddle.  It’s about making sure your horse trusts you before you ride it.

Glenn showed the students several other things. They got to see him jump over barrels, he showed them how to side pass while in the saddle, and circled his horses parallel to each other. He did a lot of things that were fun to see like getting his horse to run to him from the other end of the arena.
At the end of the trip the students got to have a group picture with Glenn. 3 of the students from last semester’s Natural Horsemanship class who completed their stage one videos and passed got to have their own picture with Glenn.  This is an amazing accomplishment!  Congratulations to  Alex, Brooklyn, and Jared for completing your stage one natural horsemanship. by Jared

Glenn Stewart Natural Horsemanship Demonstration – Baldonnel

Greetings Parents;
Tomorrow (Feb. 8th) from 11:00am – 1:00pm, our Equine Studies, Natural Horsemanship, and grade 5/6 classes will be visiting Glenn Stewart’s indoor arena for an arena tour and a Natural Horsemanship tour/demonstration by Glenn.
I spoke with Glenn this morning, and he is extending an invitation to parents of HHESS students, as well as supporters of the program (such as the HH Saddle Club).
Directions to Glenn Stewart’s arena:
If you think you will be able to attend, could you please send me a confirmation reply so that we have a sense of overall number of spectators?

Bold Eagle Presentation

The Bold Eagle program is an opportunity for kids of Aboriginal descent to enroll in a six week camp in Wainwright Alberta to give teens a chance to see what it would be like to be in the military. It is completely free to sign up and they accept teens of aboriginal descent from ages 16 and older.  Two recruiters visited our school to share information about the program to a few students who showed interest in the program and what it had to offer.

The program requires hard work, as it teaches the recruits discipline, teamwork, respect and many other valuable skills. The Bold Eagle program provides you with meals, accommodation, and proper equipment and clothing.  Best of all, if you do well enough, they will reward you with high school credits, and a recommendation for those participants looking at the military as a career. This program is not a direct recruitment to the military, although students have access to join the primary reserves once they have completed the course.

For more information about the Bold Eagle Program visit their website:



Email List-serve…

Greetings parents/caregivers of Hudson’s Hope School Students.  I’m told a number of folks are not receiving email updates (apparently quite a few folks switched to Telus).  Today I sent out an email regarding the upcoming movie night.  If you did NOT receive it, please contact me with your new email information:


A Few Reminders

Greetings Parents;
Below are some reminders:
•  This evening at 7:00pm our Natural Horsemanship students will be putting on a demonstration for the public (at the riding arena).  Admission is $5.00.  There will be pony rides available for $2.00  Please be very careful when parking/walking to the entrance as conditions are very slippery.
•  If you completed a hot lunch order, this Friday (Jan 20th) is “hot lunch day”.
•  Jan 23-26 is “exam week”.  I’ve sent out a schedule (and have attached another to this email).
•  Jan 27 and 30 are Non-Instructional Days (classes are not in session).
•  I’ve had a lot of folks asking when we are doing a Cruisin’ Day to Powder King.  There will be one (possibly two) the 3rd/4th weekend of February.